The IST RPX Product Family offers complete surface modification capabilities for nearly every requirement with the incorporation of Plasma PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition), ALD (Atomic-Layer-Deposition), and Silane surface modification all within a common platform. All RPX systems employ an integrated plasma source allowing for pre-cleaning, enhanced functionalization, the deposition of PECVD films as well as post deposition chamber cleaning. Depending on the RPX model, up to 5 different precursors can be delivered allowing for the deposition of a wide range of nano-films. ALD processes can be cycling between 2 different precursors, then followed by a surface modification silanation leading the creation nano-composite multi-stack films. Some systems can be configured with an optional Bubbler Delivery Module and Cartridge allowing for high molecular weight chemistries to be delivered using a Mass-Flow-Controlled carrier gas.

IST has created its own exclusive programming language for vapor surface chemistry. Based on a User Defined timing chart, customization of 5 different precursors and the integration of plasma processing can be controlled even down the micro-timing between the dispersion of precursors. The RPX creates full tractability records to meet FDA and ISO requirements.