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IST Contact Angle Meter
IST Contact Angle Meter

Complete Surface Engineering

for all your scientific, medical, and electronic devices and inventions


Oxidation, Hydroxylation or Reduction


All of IST’s RPX systems employ the latest plasma technology for pre-cleaning and maximizing the number of reactive sites for modification.


Silanation, Atomic Layer Deposition


Alter the surface characteristics with the application of silane chemicals.

Create custom surfaces with the deposition of thin ALD metal oxide films.


Adhesion, Click, Bio-Polymers


Terminate surfaces with the desired functionality : active adhesion (eg. amines, epoxies, azidos) or non-binding (eg. PEG’s, Perfluoronated, Akyl-groups) or bio-polymers.

You need a partner who can help you identify solutions to engineering challenges and build custom toolings just for you.

Integrated Surface Technologies can help!

Surface level solutions, deep customer satisfaction

At IST, we create advanced nano-coating tools for use on everything from high-volume production lines to university R&D labs. Our advanced semiconductor-style processing technology helps companies in the Life Sciences, BioMEMs and developers of new innovative devices address surface interface issues.

Whether you need a low surface energy hydrophobic coating or a high surface energy hydrophilic interface, a plasma activation to silanization or an anti-fouling coating, we can help solve your challenge.

Featured application

PEGylation and Click Coatings

PEGylation is the process of attaching the strands of the polymer PEG to molecules and surfaces.

At IST, we offer covalent attachment of various PEGs to consumables, flow cells or instruments to reduce fouling of the surfaces.

Why IST?

At IST, we provide a full end-to-end service, so you get a turn-key solution to nano-coating thin films.
What does that mean for you?

Superior service


Superior service

We’re service-oriented at our core, and believe fantastic machines don’t mean much if you don’t have great people willing to stand behind them. You can have our specialists in person throughout the process and for after-sales maintenance, too.

Proprietary technology


Proprietary technology

We leverage our years of experience and our propriety technology to find the right solution for your technical challenge.

The IST process

Creating custom solutions for your unique nano-coating needs

We meet face-to-face or on the phone or video chat to find out your exact needs and make sure we’re up to your task.

We’ll run some test coatings in our demo lab to check the feasibility and value of a nano-coating so you can compare the results and benefits.

Our engineering team will design customized equipment for your devices, including fixtures and process kits. We’ll teach your team all there is to know about depositing nano-coatings in R&D and production.

We optimize a unique integrated solution just for you – we’re the only ones in the industry whose machines can make unique film structures and incorporate plasma processes and up to 5 different liquid precursors sequentially.

Cost-effective management of consumables is just as important as the equipment itself – you can refill our Patent Pending refillable cartridges yourself or we can keep you stocked up with on-time delivery

We stand by our products and technical solutions, which means you can come straight to us with product maintenance needs every time. We are always available with fast responses.

Let’s engineer something better, together.