Integrated Surface Technologies Vapporrix cartridges

The IST RPX systems utilize Vapporrix cartridges which allow easy and complete consumable management. Vapporrix cartridges allow for servicing of consumables offline by a 3rd party or by user qualified personnel. This eliminates any handling of hazardous chemicals by the users.

A variety of different capacity cartridges are available for small R&D applications of a few grams to volume manufacturing applications where kilogram capacities allow for efficient operations.

Advanced delivery of chemical vapors achieved using mass flow-controlled carrier gas assistance is also available but a Bubbler Cartridge. IST’s bubblers are the next generation of vapor delivery in advanced surface modification allowing for low vapor pressure, high molecular weight (>5000amu) chemistries to be delivered. There are many advantages of carrier gas assist delivery including premature precursor aging and lower overall operating temperatures.

Vapporrix cartridges are equipment with RF ID’s tags that allow easy inventory management using a mobile phone App. When an RF-ID enable cartridge is installed, critical traceability data is automatically transferred to the system so record keeping of precursor age, COA Records etc. are tagged to the run history.

  • Self-Contained Chemical Delivery with Ethernet interface which prevent cartridges from being installed in the wrong position.
  • Integrated Chemical bottle and valve Heater to prevent cold spots.
  • RTD Sensor / Typically to 150C.
  • RFID Smart Tag encoded with key information (Date Filled, Chemical Lot#, COA certification, etc.)

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