Mission & Vision

Our mission at IST is to supply innovative nano-coating and surface modification solutions based on our proprietary dry-phase “vapor” deposition technology.  Our goal is to assist our customers in developing and achieving the highest performance solution for their products, assays and devices. Our vision is to be a leader in nano-materials for surface modification. We are locally owned and want to continue to offer the highest degree of technical and operational expertise in our industry.

Manufacturing Outlook – TOP Coating Solutions 2020

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We are an ISO 9001 accredited supplier and manufacturer. We have the competency and expertise for equipment quality and reliability as a supplier of chemistries for your company.

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IST’s philosophy and business practices are based on the 5R’s:

Reputation: IST strives to be the best in the world in nano-surface chemistry. We are known in our niche coating business for what we do and our expertise in this field is a benchmark. This is what propels us forward, as we strive to live up to that reputation.

Relationship: IST’s desire is to create a win-win situation for all our customers. We will stand-by and support our processes and our tools. IST wants a business relationship that you can count on in the long-run and that you will recommend us to your colleagues. You can always depend on IST.

Reasons: IST will ensure that as we collaborate with our customers, they will have a clear understanding about the chemistry and our core processes behind our recommended solutions. We are always open to new ideas.

Reflection: Our BKM’s (Best Known Methods) are shared with our customers to ensure their success. IST is motivated to share our experiences and solutions from our vast knowledge in the field. We want to the ensure that our customers realize the many benefits and advantages of nano-science. We welcome our customer’s unique technical challenges, that help propel us towards developing new, game-changing applications.

Reinvest: We continue to learn new things every day. At IST, we invest in our technical team, so they will be equipped to develop successful new applications that will benefit you, our customer.

Your Support Team

Jeff Chinn Integrated Surface Technologies

Jeff Chinn, Ph.D.

CTO and Founder

Carl Hung Integrated Surface Technologies

Carl Hung

Sales / Marketing

Robert Ashurst Integrated Surface Technologies

Robert Ashurst, Ph. D.

Chief Scientist, Auburn University

Zia Hasan Integrated Surface Technologies

Zia Hassan

Manufacturing Manager

Jon Prindle Integrated Surface Technologies

Jon Prindle

Senior Staff Engineer

William Kumler Integrated Surface Technologies

William Kumler

Senior Designer

Ken Kotter Integrated Surface Technologies

Ken Kotter

Manufacturing Lead

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