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The RPX-540 can deliver up to 5 separate vapor sources to a variety of substrates. It has a configurable process chamber with the flexibility to coat large objects like a laptop or many smaller shapes and sizes. For planar products, it can deliver the gases through fin-style applicators that can coat up to 21 square feet per batch. The RPX-540 has standard a 1000W RF plasma for additional in-situ surface modification. The gases are formed and delivered in the Vapporrix system, which is a proprietary technology invented by IST. The Vapporrix delivery is fully enclosed OSHA certified gas cabinet with exhaust which allows the safe use of highly flammable metal-organics commonly required for ALD. The RPX-540 system is compact and does not require side access for maintenance or operation so multiple systems can be positioned side-by-side to maximize output of your floor space. The RPX-540 has an integrated fume hood exhaust over the process chamber creating an air curtain between the user.

  • 60 liter Chamber (Capacity Reference: two 200mm Wafer Cassettes, four 6” wafer cassettes or 13 300mm wafers).
  • 5 Liquid Precursors (Optional Bubbler Delivery).
  • Flexible plasma configurations: 1000W @ 40KHz …or…. 600W @ 13.56MHz ….or….. 1000W @ 13.56MHz Pulse Mode
  • Solid structural Aluminum chamber construction which is corrosion proof.
  • Semiconductor style surface mount vapor components for quick component exchanges.
  • Multi-zone (chamber, vapor delivery modules, precursors) heating for a controlled temperature gradient of the entire chemical delivery system.
  • OSHA compliant gas cabinet enclosure for all precursors.
  • Ventilation Exhaust Hood for added safety to operational personnel. Ideal for working with thiols of other aromatic precursors.
  • Complete hardware and software interlocks.
  • Multi-User authorizations for restricted operation but select personnel
  • Windows-11 OS allows for computer networking of all log files.
  • Simplified facility requirements for easy maintenance and low cost installations.
  • On-site startup support by IST personnel.
  • Free process recipes for all know precursors of interests.
  • CE Mark / Semi-S2 / Semi-S8 Certifications.

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