Integrated Surface Technologies (IST) designs and manufactures Surface Modification Systems for MEMS and Biotech industries. Organic and Inorganic molecular films can be deposited in your lab or factory by using IST’s sub-atmospheric, low temperature vapor and plasma enabled deposition equipment. It can fulfill every level of surface engineering requirements for the industry. From Bench top systems for R&D and pilot production, to full size manufacturing systems, IST supplies the equipment, the chemistry and engineering services. Typical applications include: anti-stiction monolayers, adhesion promoters, release layers, hydrophobic-to-super hydrophobic coatings, atomic layer deposition (ALD) of metal-oxides, and many other customer specific films. Our engineers can help you to select the best chemistry for each specific application. The correct chemistry is then delivered in cartridges for easy change over in the systems, to keep production running and for R&D flexibility.


Advanced Nano-Scale Surface Coatings