Integrated Surface Technologies Shieldex Cartridge
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IST provides PECVD precursors packaged in disposable steel gas cartridges for the convenience of our users. Depending on the application, specialized precursors in different capacities are available.

IST offers common etchant and deposition gases such as C3F8, C2F6, CF4, SF6, Water.

ShieldexTM is IST’s proprietary mixture for depositing hydrophobic barriers. ShieldexTM is used to create the WaterShieldTM coating. It is supplied in simple disposable cartridges. Shieldex is completely safe. It has a minimal “Hazardous Material” classification.

  • Completely Safe (Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive)
  • Can be shipped world-wide via FedEx, UPS or DHL to most locations. (Some restrictions apply.)
  • Available in a single use cartridge size or larger multi-use sizes for reduced cost of operations.

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