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IST’s Blue Lantern product family with small bench-top systems allows for the lowest cost of ownership and low-cost consumables for depositing PECVD coatings. The Blue Lantern brings high tech plasma to behind the scene locations like repair facilities or small factory floors.

The Blue-Lantern “BL200” and the “BL300” products are the ultimate coating tools in creating consumer water-resistant wearable products. Both the BL200 and BL300 are Fully Automated – No operator intervention is required to deposit nano-coatings on cell phones, hearing aids or other selected products. Just “Load” and “Go”.

The BL300 has a reduced chamber volume compared with BL200 which allows for faster processing time. IST has engineered a complete package so the system with its utilities (pump, CDA, etc.) can fit onto a cart that is completely self-contained. Plug ‘n Play. All you need is electrical power.

  • Complete Automated Operation. One Button Operation.
  • Powered by a credit card-sized single board computer.
  • Large 7-inch: Touch-Screen LCD Interface.
  • Pre-programmed process recipes for unattended repeatable processing.
  • Automatic Shutdown when process chemical is exhausted.
  • A secondary process gas selection is available for multiple processes.
  • The Blue Lantern product line is easy to install and to operate. They only require minimal facilities
  • IST can provide a number of accessories such as an exhaust filtration unit, vacuum accessories, quick disconnects, and a complete spares part kit.
  • IST has an advanced chemical filtration Pak which eliminates 99+% of residual chemicals from the exhaust stream.
  • Please contact us for technical advice on your installation.

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