Repellix Super-Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating

Two side-by-side cellphone PCB’s are immersed into water. The Repellix coated PCB (right) appears silvery,
as if a force field were pushing the water away. What we are observing is the reflection of light from the air/water meniscus layer surrounding the Repellix coated board.

As the Repellix board is removed, it remains completely dry, in contrast to the uncoated PCB which wets from the immersion.

Different angles show the effect from alternative viewing conditions.

Super-Hydrophobic Contact Angles

Silicon Water
58 Degrees

Advancing Angles

Self Assembled Monolayer
128 Degrees

146 Degrees

Receding Angles

Self Assembled Monolayer
91 Degrees

147 Degrees

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