Repellix Interior Coating Retains Ergonomic and
Attractive Cover Designs

Encapsulation Adds Complexity and Cost

One movement to watersafe mobile electronics is to build encapsulated devices (submarines). Water must be kept out by seals and impermeable surfaces. One of the leaders in “waterproof” phone designs today is Fujitsu, whose FOMA product incorporates a vast quantity of gaskets, membranes, and seals to provide basic protection from accidental immersion into liquids. The pictures below show just some of the complexity involved. The major problem is that the phones must be recharged and communicated with, and the primary methods today require direct, physical connection.

Encapsulation Prevents Connectivity

Foma 7061 “Waterproof” Cellphone




Seal Connector

Seal Connector

Seal Connector

Large Gasket

“Superior Electrical Insulation”

Parylene’s superior electrical dielectric properties make it an ideal solution for insulating electronic components with minimal dimensional impact. Dielectric strength of the film is greater than 5,000 volts per mil of coating thickness.”

Most coatings today cannot be connected through. They are essentially attempts to “shrink wrap” the electronics with a low permeable material as barrier to the environment. These barriers are non-conductive (see quote on left about Parylene). Manufacturers must either mask the connectors prior to coating them, or attempt to use selective applicators for wet sprays (accurate to 1mm). These techniques still leave the all-important connectors uncoated, so the device will still fail in water.

Repellix Retains Design and Use Freedom

“There is a high desire for waterproof phones, but when you show customers what that looks like and how much it costs, they often say no,” says Frank Tyneski, head of the Industrial Designers Society of America, who has done design work for RIM, Kyocera Corp, and Motorola, Inc.

By making the interior boards and connectors watersafe, Repellix frees the product designer to maximize the ergonomic form factor, and to add connectivity to the outside world. If water does get inside, it is repelled off of the coated surfaces. The data does not get damaged, the device can be recovered, and the user can empty out the water and continue on with what he was doing.

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