Hydrophilic Precursors

Hydrophilic coatings enhance the surface properties such that they attract water and appear to smear it out or flatten it. It is useful to be able to control hydrophilicity for a variety of applications. IST offers two main precursors to promote hydrophilicity: mPEG and AETCS.

RPX-540 Vapor Deposition System

For a further explanation of the deposition technology and precursors available, consult the brochure below.

Surface Modification Coatings

AETCS (Acetoxyethyltrichlorosilane) is a mild hydrophilic surface coating. The Acetoxy surface is a polar termination which allows for hydrogen bonding to the hydrophilic surface.

mPEG is a methyl terminated poly ethylene glycol which can be used to create stable hydrophilic coatings.  Effective in reducing non-specific binding of proteins, mPEG applications include many biological devices including Bio-MEMS, microfluidic or other surfaces that benefit from a hydrophilic surface.

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