Splash Test

This video shows the splash resistant effect of the Repellix treatment on a fabric swatch. The left swatch is uncoated, and easilty wets as the water is squirted onto it. In contrast, the right swatch has been coated with Repellix, and is strongly resistant to the water jet.

Dunk Test

For this test, we wrap the swatches around a plastic dipstick and immerse them in tinted water. The uncoated swatch readily soaks up the water, whereas the Repellix coated sample remains impervious to absorbtion, showing no signs of wetting either.

Floatation Test

How does Repellix affect flotation properties of fabrics? In this experiment, swatches are dropped into the liquid to observe their buoyancy. The untreated cloth sinks within 2 seconds, but the sample with the Repellix coating floats. After forcing it under water, it bounces back to the surface and resumes floating, having not been wetted, and retaining its layer of air.

Contact Angles

Dry No Coat

Looking at the side of the fabric through the Goniometer lens, we see a rough, spikey surface.

Wet No Coat

After dispensing the water droplet, the droplet absorbs immediately into the fabric, swelling the area that is wet (left side of photo).

Wet with Repellix

Coated with Repellix, the fabric does not absorb the water, and demonstrates hydrophobic contact angle performance.

Microscope Pics

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