Acid Test

Test Procedure

resizedimage330247-test-procedure-330pxWe prepared a molar solution of cupric acid, into which we dipped four chips of a PVD copper silicon wafer for one minute each.

Sample A was a copper chip with no treatment.
Sample B had a liquid corrosion inhibitor coated on its surface.

Sample C had a Repellix coating.
Sample D had Repellix coating and a vapor corrosion inhibitor.

Repellix Sample

resizedimage330247-repellix-sample-330pxThe sample coated with Repellix remained untarnished after a minute submersion into acid.


acid-comparisonWe observe in sample B that the liquid anti-corrosion layer will not survive immersion into the acid it is designed to prevent. It washes off in liquid, and the corrosion mechanism is similar to the uncoated
sample A.
In contrast, by repelling the acid from the copper surface, Repellix maintains the surface of the copper and prevents corrosion (C and D).

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