Adhesion Promoters

IST Produces a spectrum of surface modification chemistries for a rainbow of applications. The major blocs of customer needs include (1) the need to promote adhesion of a coating or active molecule to a substrate, (2) the need to enhance the peformance of biological test devices/microfluidics, or (3) applications requiring hydophilic properties. The sections below present some specific precursors for each application sector.

Adhesion promoters are a class of bifunctional molecule used to increase the reactivity of the surfaces to allow subsequent processing.

For example: to facilitate bonding, an epoxy group can be deposit on the native surface to allow it to react.

Shown below are some typical molecules classified as adhesion promoters.

RPX-540 Vapor Deposition System

For a further explanation of the deposition technology and precursors available, consult the brochure below.

Surface Modification Coatings

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