The Vaporrix-BL is a specially engineered bubbler for use with chemistries which have naturally low vapor pressures or are sensitive to heating. With IST’s patented hardware, the Vaporrix-BL bubbler can deliver a precise dose of precursor allowing for perfect nano-scale molecular films to be deposited. The Vaporrix-BL bubbler cartridge operating in conjunction with a flow through reactor can deliver full coverage molecular films at significantly lower temperatures. This allows for the silanation or surface modification of plastics, polymers, fabrics, and other articles which cannot be treated with conventional hot walled vapor prime ovens. The low temperature deposition of molecular films is of strategic importance for enabling many new applications for wearable technology devices.

The Vaporrix BL cartridge is fully integrated with temperature sensors, heaters and identification interlocks. The Vaporrix bubbler can be used with or without an optional Mass Flow Control of the carrier medium on the RPX-540 or RPX-560.
The Vaporrix BL cartridge also has an optional liquid level sensor to indicate the precursor level and to alert the user when the bubbler is running low.

The Vaporrix-BL cartridges are also equipped with an RF-ID for quick inventory control and to ensure production quality.

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