RPX Coating System

The RPX-540 can deliver up to 5 separate vapor sources to a variety of substrates. It has a configurable process chamber with the flexibility to coat large objects like a laptop or many smaller shapes and sizes. For planar products, it can deliver the gases through fin-style applicators that can coat up to 21 square feet per batch. The RPX-540 has an option of an RF plasma or Ozone gas for additional in-situ surface modification. The gases are formed and delivered in the Vaporrix system, which is a proprietary technology invented by IST. The Vaporrix system is fully enclosed, purged, and easy to refill.

The system is very compact and does not require side access for maintenance or operation – stack them side by side to maximize output of your floor space.

Frontal Width   : 26” / 66 cm
Depth : 36” / 92 cm
Height  :   66” / 168 cm


Integrated Surface Technologies delivers Repellix coatings through its family of supermolecular vapor deposition (SVD) systems

Blue Lantern Plasma
Nano-Armor Guard

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