RGM-210 Coating System

The RGM-210 can deliver to 2 separate vapor sources plus 1 additional gaseous source (e.g. ozone, Ar, N2) to a variety of substrates. It has the capacity to coat a full 8″ wafer cassette, 60 µ-tiger-plates, or many smaller shapes and sizes.
The gases are formed and delivered in the Vaporrix system, which is a propriety technology invented by IST. The Vaporrix system is fully enclosed, purged, and easy to refill.
The system is extremely compact and is intended to fit on a bench top workstation with a remote facility box to supply additional facilities.The system is very compact and does not require side access for maintenance or operation – stack them side by side to maximize output of your floor space.

Frontal Width  : 17.3” / 43.9 cm
Depth : 20.6” / 52.3 cm
Height : 17.3” / 43.9 cm


Integrated Surface Technologies delivers Repellix coatings through its family of supermolecular vapor deposition (SVD) systems

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