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WaterShieldTM By IST

Integrated Surface Technologies Water-ShieldTM coating is a highly durable “Teflon-like” amorphous carbon polymer coating that protects small items like personal electronics and other articles from accidental liquid exposure.

The use of Water-Shield is ideal for coating mobile phones and small electronic products which may inadvertently get wet from water and other everyday liquids. Applications include iPhones, Tablets, BlackBerrys, hearing aids, and other high value personal communications and electronics products.

Tests have shown that a hydrophobic coating can reduce water ingress by 3x to 5x over an unprotected product, when exposed to simulated rain-chamber conditions.

The Water-Shield film has the same “Teflon-like” surface properties that other OEM’s provide, but at greatly reduced equipment prices and consumables cost.

Water-Shield can be applied to other articles such as medical devices and clothing articles like shoes, gloves, neck-ties, etc. which could also benefit from protection from various liquid exposures.

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