The RPX-540 can deliver up to 5 separate vapor sources to a variety of substrates. It has a configurable process chamber with the flexibility to coat large objects like a laptop or many smaller shapes and sizes. For planar products, it can deliver the gases through fin-style applicators that can coat up to 21 square feet per batch. The RPX-540 has an option of an RF plasma or Ozone gas for additional in-situ surface modification. The gases are formed and delivered in the Vaporrix system, which is a proprietary technology invented by IST. The Vaporrix system is fully enclosed, purged, and easy to refill.

The system is very compact and does not require side access for maintenance or operation – stack them side by side to maximize output of your floor space.

The Cartridge – Safe, Reliable, Easy

Gas Cartridge is designed for a simplistic “plug and play” operation for easy maintenance

Cartridge Features:


  • Precursor Charge
  • Manual Shut-off Valve
  • Heater
  • Insulation
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Identification Interlock
  • Electrical Over-temperature Safety Switch
  • Lockout Safety to Software

The Vaporrix-BL is a specially engineered bubbler for use with chemistries which have naturally low vapor pressures or are sensitive to heating. With IST’s patented hardware, the Vaporrix-BL bubbler can deliver a precise dose of precursor allowing for perfect nano-scale molecular films to be deposited. The Vaporrix-BL bubbler cartridge operating in conjunction with a flow through reactor can deliver full coverage molecular films at significantly lower temperatures. This allows for the silanation or surface modification of plastics, polymers, fabrics, and other articles which cannot be treated with conventional hot walled vapor prime ovens. The low temperature deposition of molecular films is of strategic importance for enabling many new applications for wearable technology devices.

The Vaporrix BL cartridge is fully integrated with temperature sensors, heaters and identification interlocks. The Vaporrix bubbler can be used with or without an optional Mass Flow Control of the carrier medium on the RPX-540 or RPX-560.
The Vaporrix BL cartridge also has an optional liquid level sensor to indicate the precursor level and to alert the user when the bubbler is running low.

RGM-210 Coating System

The RGM-210 can deliver to 2 separate vapor sources plus 1 additional gaseous source (e.g. ozone, Ar, N2) to a variety of substrates. It has the capacity to coat a full 8″ wafer cassette, 60 µ-tiger-plates, or many smaller shapes and sizes.

The gases are formed and delivered in the Vaporrix system, which is a propriety technology invented by IST. The Vaporrix system is fully enclosed, purged, and easy to refill.

The system is extremely compact and is intended to fit on a bench top workstation with a remote facility box to supply additional facilities.

The Blue-Lantern “BL200” and the “BL300” products are the ultimate coating tools in creating consumer water-resistant products. The BL200 and BL300 are Fully Automated. No operator intervention is required to deposit nano-coatings on cell phones, hearing aids or other selected products. Just “Load” and “Go”.

Protect against the #1 reason for lost – mechanical damage. Use Watershield to protect against the #2 cause – liquid damage.

Nano-Armor Guard is a break resistant / Anti-Shock nano-Laminate Urethane-type film. It is nearly impossible to break your screen. The force is dissipated over the entire screen.

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