Inert & Passive coatings for microcircuits, imprints and water protection.

  • Nano-films can range from monolayers (Angstroms (Å) = 10-10 meters) to hundreds of nano-meter (10-9 meters) and can be customize depending on desire goal. Typical film thickness are 10Å for a monolayer to 2000Å for a nano-composite film customizable to your needs.


  • In nano-imprinting, a low surface energy monolayers to thicker polymers can deposited as a “release layer” to allow to  clean pattern replication.


  • With the application of a special nano-composite structure, Water-Safe electronics can created by depositing a textured-barrier to reduce electro-chemical migration (eg. corrosion) allowing electronics to exposed to immersion and other partial exposures. 
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