Advanced Surface Modification

  • With advanced surface modification, the surface energy of a device is tuned to your desired properties. There are many ways to alter the surface properties depending on your needs. Surface modification can be temporary through the use of gas plasma or permanent with the deposition of ALD or with covalently bonded molecular silanes.

    MEMS devices can usually benefit from low surface energy molecular films which minimizes the surface energy of moving or contacting surfaces preventing stiction failures. Note there are many different types of molecular films which can be deposited: fluorinated, non-flourinated, linear chains or aromatic rings. Our technical staff can help you choose the proper film for your device and manufacturing needs.

    Microfluidic devices can benefit from hydrophilic (high surface energy) surface modification to promote wetting and enhanced fluid flow within channels. There are different surface treatments which can be used depending on the device requirements such as anti-fouling or inert protective coatings against caustic chemicals being used which are tuned for viscosity, pH and polarity. Additionally, depending on the material used for the micro-fluidics will required different treatments (glass, plastic or soft-polymers like PDMS).
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